I am Walter Scott….

May posting

It has been a couple of months since my last posting. As it is my intent to write a book of my experiences and those of others, I will end this posting with a plea that you might have seen before.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the tragedy of Walter Scott. As many will recall, if you have been paying attention to the news, Walter Scott was the 50 year old North Carolina man who was shot in the back 8 times by Michael Slager, a North Charleston police officer. Walter Scott was no saint. That is made clear by the Wikipedia posting relating to the shooting. That being said, as an unarmed man, he did not deserve to be shot 8 times as he attempted to flee the terror that motivated him to run. What was the source of Mr. Scott’s terror? He was terrified by the prospect of going back to jail because of his back child support obligations. I can certainly relate. Granted, my freedom has never truly truly in jeopardy due to child support obligations, but I’ve come close. As anyone who has read my blog is well aware, I know what it’s like to be threatened with 5 days in the graybar hotel for every count of Contempt of a Court order. More needs to be written about the life of Walter Scott. We need to know the “tick-tock” of this man’s life. How did he come to that state of terror on that fateful morning of April 14th, 2015?

As I post to my blog in my quest for some rational, well-drawn stories about people’s experiences dealing with the California Family court system, I will continue to research the Walter Scott incident. The family court system of North Carolina may be completely blameless in this matter, but my experiences here in California point me in a different direction. The cruel and vicious irony is this: invariably, after the criminal trial, there will be some sort of civil, wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family, namely, the children of Walter Scott. Whatever dollar amount is settled upon, it will certainly be more than he could have provided for them had he been alive. My thoughts and wishes go out to the family of Walter Scott. I’m sure they would rather have him back in their lives.

It is my sincere hope that the cost of the resulting lawsuits will give the family court system of North Carolina pause as to the policies of enforcement that they employ. The position of compassion and understanding, in the long run, will always be far more effective than the brutality and oppression that so many family court systems employ in this day and age. While the aftermath of the Walter Scott shooting will play out for years to come, changes in the state of marriage will on a much shorter time horizon.

The subject of gay marriage is not an issue of much debate here in California. Homosexuals are citizens of this country and as such, have the right to enter into contracts, including social contracts like marriage. It is not gay marriage…it’s just marriage. I am fully supportive of the hopes and ambitions of any two adults in love who commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives I am reminded of the Oscar Wilde observation, “Love is the triumph of hope over experience.” I applaud your hope. I envy your bliss. I respect your union. As it relates to marriage, the question for me is this: why would you want to?

While I sincerely hope your union lasts for eternity, what if it doesn’t? You will be at the mercy of the incompetent, vicious, and self-interested jurists and bureaucrats that arbiter such dissolutions: the Family Court system. It will be all the worse, on a logarithmic scale, if you have children. My writings have focused on my own battles with the family court system and the Dept. of Child Support Services in particular, so I have what some would call a biased perspective on these matters. Marriage, or any other committed union is not something to be taken lightly. It has always struck me as ironic that endeavors that can have such devastating impacts on your life are so casually easy to enter into.

As someone who was a miserable failure at marriage, I would advise anyone…anyone…gay or straight, would be well advised to at least consider an alternative to marriage. As a starting point, I would recommend looking at, “Living Together: A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples” by Nolo Press. This book provides an extensive framework for the many issues and considerations that any couple will face. If nothing else, this book, or one like it, conveys the seriousness that a lifetime commitment infers. BEFORE you get that marriage license, it bears reading and considering.

Please remember, that while your commitment to your partner is sacred and eternal…now. It might not always be that way. It bears repeating…often, that if your sacred partnership rips asunder, you do not want to be at the mercy of the racketeers in the family court system and its attendant bureaucracies. These institutions are populated by individuals who are compensated by fomenting conflict and discord rather than reconciliation and civility. Avoid them at all costs.


The Search Continues…

I am still looking for people’s stories and experiences with the Family Court System in the State of California as well as the Child Support system in this state.

The point of this endeavor is to bring to light anecdotal examples of the many flaws with this system. Ultimately, these anecdotes will serve as starting point for much needed reform in the California Family Court System

I found that people were looking for a more specifics on what I’m working on. Below is a more detailed description


Here is what I’m doing: I’m working on a book that explores the

issues and abuse that people are suffering at the hands of the family

court system and the parasitic bureaucracies that feed off family

conflicts and dissolution. The focus will be on the bureaucracies

involved and the methods by which they can be held accountable.

The vehicle that I will use explore these issues will be the

individual stories that people submit to me. I am projecting 4 to 6

stories, underpinned by an exploration of the laws and tactics that

were applied in each individual case. These stories will be followed

by a chapter that will dissect the laws, the bureaucracies that

execute them and offer methods of countering and contending with them.

Finally, the book will close with a chapter that provides contact

points for organizations that could be of help to individuals that are

dealing with the condescending, unjust bureaucracies. Basically, a

clearinghouse chapter of organizations that are involved in these

issues. Ironically, the stories that will be included in this book are the

worst, most egregious examples of bureaucratic overreach. Also, these

anecdotes or chronologies will need to be substantiated by relevant

court, agency documents, and correspondence. Simply put: the bad acts

have to be obvious and in your face. If you are still interested in

being considered, please include relevant court case numbers,

timelines, and agencies involved. Also, please include and contact

information that might be relevant. I am projecting 2.5 to 3 years for

the completion of this project. I cannot emphasize enough the need for

your anecdotes to be able to be vetted and confirmed. Unfortunately,

anonymity will not change a damn thing.

In my contentious run-ins with the DCSS, I’ve come up with a phrase

that sums up the mental state of that bureaucracy and so many others

like them. Their attitude is as follows: We have done so much to so

many for so long, we can do anything to anyone.

It bears saying. . ..yet again, that I am interested in you stories because these tragic stories will serve as the building blocks of change. In order to serve this purpose, these stories need to be full of all of the details to be credible. Times, dates, agencies involved, and the actors involved. . .EVERYTHING. It’s the only way

Thanks for your time

STILL NO PAY, but change has to start somewhere.


Hope to hear from you!


1 thought on “I am Walter Scott….

  1. My husband has a mess with dcss. He has wanted his story to be told. His son is now 18 and really wants the trueth to be known and he has names. Dates documents and can give you a time line of issues. He is a physical disabled due to working construction all his life. Was homeless for a period. Tried over years to get reduced. Now he owes 40,000. Mother was never on public assistance.
    Send me your email I will send u info and hou can see if it is something you are looking for.
    We live in sacramento and most of the case is based their. I have my own story with system but not as tragic, but screwed up as well.
    The system must be change.

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