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And the Beat Down just keeps on…

Below is an interaction that I recently had with the fine folks at the CA Department of Child Support Services (DCSS.) It would seem that they are trying to take my CA driver’s license. Well, in the exchange , as you will read if you read it all the way through, I set them straight on my payment history…along with a few other things. Hope you enjoy the read. For anyone who reads this, I’m looking for stories similar to my own miserable one. Right now I am just one outlier anecdote by anyone’s casual estimation. Hearing and relating these stories may light a fire underneath some of our elected officials to do something about this den of bureaucratic thugs

Ms. D V-O,
I retained your form letter dated 9/30/2014. It detailed all the
ways that your agency, the Department of Child Support Services, could
bring misery and disruption to my life. Of course, I really did not
feel that I had anything to worry about because I was in complete
compliance with my obligations and payment agreements. That was until
I received the Notice of Intent to suspend my driver’s license by the
A wise man once said, “If you are angry, count to ten, if you are
very angry, count to one hundred.” Well, I can assure you that a count
down of the federal deficit does not have enough digits in it to
lessen the seething rage that possesses me over the latest episode of
vindictive incompetence foisted upon me by the CA DCSS. After reading
this communication, I am sure that you will be surprised to hear that
this is the “toned down” version of this letter.
First, included in this communication is documentation that supports
and serves as the foundation of my position that I have been
erroneously, unjustly, and intentionally targeted for harassment by
the DCSS. The fundamental problem at issue is the instruction by the
DCSS to direct the CA DMV to suspend my driver’s license. I am
including original documentation that shows that the NOI by the DMV
should never have been issued.
It was really quite easy find the error of YOUR ways. I simply went
to the CA Child Support web site (list web site) and got a listing of
my payments through the last 9 months. I then compared this payment
history to the monthly statements of my DCSS account (also on the same
child support web site) and compared the two. A glaring omission of
credit for a payment on 9-30-14 became readily apparent.  An honest
mistake? I don’t think so. I point to the relative swiftness with
which the DCSS directed the CA DMV to seize my driver’s license. This
latest action by the DCSS is one in a very long line of illegitimate
indignities that I have suffered at your incompetent hands. The
history of our tense animosity is epic. Look at the records or my blog
for evidence and perspective on my experience.
What do I want? Well, for obvious starters, I want this NOI
rescinded. I don’t want to even pay the nominal $15 required by the
DMV. Like so many of the inept and incompetent actions by the CA DCSS,
it’s not my fault. I should not be paying ANYTHING to correct them.
Next, I want an apology and admissions of the errors committed. I
think that this is the least this agency should do, given their
arrogant and callous actions.
I will stop there for now. This morbid fascination with trying
to take my driver’s license away has got to stop…particularly when
it’s based upon erroneous data and processes. I am very pleased that
your agency finally got e-mail. How 20th century of you. I will be
faxing these documents to you as well. I don’t think that you have
gotten up to speed on the ability to handle the supporting evidence
that I am attaching to this e-mail.
You can certainly confer with the former caseworker, Rae Lynn
Block, on the specifics of what has transpired with my case. I am a
big believer that all entities even remotely concerned or involved
with the administration of your agency (federal, state, and county)
should be fully appraised of my perspectives on your incompetence and
On that happy note, please feel free to reach me any of the points of
contact below.


or get up to speed on the misery that your agency has brought to my life at


I do have one suggestion for your agency…a motto really:

The California Department of Child Support Services – “We have done so
much, to so many, for so long, we can do anything to anyone.”

I’ll be in touch

Douglas O. Ricketson


Good Morning Mr. Ricketson:

Upon reviewing your case we received a payment for $225.00 in the
month of October. Since the  amount received was below the $450.00
dollars due for October 2014, the auto submission took place.
Payments are due on the first of each month.  If payments are mailed
to the State Disbursement Unit, please mail by  the 20th of each month
at the latest. This allows for sufficient time for the processing of
the payment. Payments in excess over $450.00 made in each month are
applied to the arrears balance.      At this time a license release is
being issued as a payment for $670.00 posted 09/2014.  In order to
avoid notification to DMV the total monthly obligation should be
received each month.    Payments can also be made by credit card on
the Child Support Mobile App “CAChildSup”.

Desiree Villalobos- CSO II
County of Los Angeles
Child Support Services Department
Antelope Valley Division
Enforcement Team
Tel:  (661) 940-2051
Fax: (661) 940-2091
Email: desiree_villalobos-ordenis@cssd.lacounty.gov


Ms. V-O
Your response is just too perfect. You screw up in how you apply my
timely payments and you then have the unmitigated gall to tell me that
it’s my fault. Nice. Also, you then proceed to condescend to me after
your “review” of my case of the many ways I have to make payments.
There is only reliable and timely way to pay my child support: that is
through the SDU/DCSS website. All others take inordinately long and
are prone to mishandling by your agency. It’s ok. I’m sure the OCSE
will be very interested in hearing about the inept and malfeasant
nature of the payments system DCSS operates. You know the OCSE? The
Office of Child Support Enforcement…the Federal agency that provides
2/3 of your budget. If my recollection serves me well, it would seem
that the DCSS had some problems in the 2000’s with their data and
payments system. Sorry to see you really haven’t gotten it fixed after
Here’s the irony: I fundamentally agree with the authority the DCSS
has to seize people’s drivers licenses if they are not paying their
legitimate child support. Your problem is that your enforcement is
based upon flawed systems. The DCSS is like a 5 year old waving around
a 9MM pistol. You have no business using your enforcement mechanisms
until you get your house in order.
Unless of course, their is some sort of malicious intent on the
part of the DCSS. The history of your agency attempting to seize my
driver’s license is epic. It constitutes a pattern, which some might
believe constitutes intent.

You may feel that your releasing my license is the end of this
episode. It’s just the end of the beginning.

This ain’t over by a long shot.

I want to hear your stories…about your stories about your battles with the government bureacracies, not your Ex. There might be something that can be done about the DCSS, but nothing can be done about your Ex.